ABC 33/40 speaks to man who knew Justin Ross Harris

New details about the man accused of leaving his son in a sweltering car to die. Tuscaloosa native Justin Ross Harris was denied bond Thursday and he faced new startling accusations. Harris wept in the courtroom during a day that included testimony about sexting while his son died - a detective also said that Harris viewed web sites advocating against having children. Some of the testimony shocked people nationwide and in Harris' home town. {}"It brought some tears to my eyes - I'm not going to lie," Cameron Chandler, who knows Harris said. "It was pain deep down inside."Cameron Chandler says he refereed high school games with Justin Ross Harris. {}"It breaks my heart. Every day. Why would you do that?" Chandler said.Chandler says he knew harris as kind and well-respected. {}"From what I knew of him, he was a good, great guy," Chandler said. "As a matter of fact I saw him a month or two ago and we talked for awhile and he was a great guy he never seemed like he was upset or anything. He loves his child and his wife very much."{}"I can't imagine that everyone on the street is just as appalled as I am," Meredith Wheatley, who lives near Harris' former residence says.Down the street - Harris' former neighbors say the news from the courtroom was shocking."But seven hours? The child must have been in agony," Wheatley said. "What can I say but heartbreaking. As a mother I truly cannot imagine it."Inside the courtroom, prosecutors claim he's been un-happy in his marriage. {}A detective testified that Harris had looked at a website advocating against having children and said he'd been 'sexting' several women - sending nude photos as his son sat in the hot car. {}Harris' defense attorney said there's no evidence to prove the boy was left intentionally and that the testimony about the nude photos was meant to publicly shame him."It's not criminal negligence - it's a tragic accident,"{}H. Maddox Kilgore, Defense Attorney said."He was saying, oh my God, oh my God, my son is dead, oh my God, my son is dead," Leonard Madden, a witness testified.{}"We just want to know why," Chandler said. "We knew him as a great guy and all we want to know is why."The judge said this case will continue. He revoked bond, saying Harris will stay in jail. Harris has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. He could now be facing even more charges, for allegedly sexting with a minor.