ABI investigates shooting in Birmingham

The{}ABI is looking into a police involved shooting that happened yesterday afternoon in Titusville.{} A robbery suspect died as a result.{} Witnesses, who would not go on camera say, they saw the suspect coming out of the back of an apartment with something in his hands.{} They say the man had robbed someone, and Birmingham Police say the suspect had even chased the robbery victim. Some of those witnesses flagged officers down.{} We're told one of the officers chased the man around the building, and then they heard the gunshots.

"The officers encountered the suspect ending with the officers discharging their firearm because the suspect had a weapon in his hand," says Sgt. Johnny Williams.

"It doesn't really surprise me. I mean I've lived here for a couple of months now," says Thomas Payne. "I hadn't had any problems. From what I heard, this side of 6th Avenue is the good side to be on. I've heard over there is kind of like the wild west. So it's not that unbelievable."

WIlliams says the officers will most likely be re-assigned to the administrative offices while the investigation continues.