Abortion regulations bill heading to the governor

Governor Robert Bentley (

Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey penned the final signature on critical abortion-related legislation Thursday before sending it to Governor Robert Bentley.{} Bentley is expected to sign it into law later Thursday.{} The Governor said he plans to sign it after his lawyers make sure there have been no unanticipated changes from the bill he endorsed early in the legislative session.{} Bentley says he's opposed to abortion, but he believes the bill will make abortions safer.The bill's Senate sponsor, Senator Scott Beason, joined Lieutenant Governor Ivey for the signing. The Women's Health and Safety Act imposes stricter regulations on the state's abortion clinics. "I am strongly pro-life. We cannot ban abortion because that is a federal issue, but at the state level we can regulate and control unsafe health practices. I support the Legislature's efforts to restrict the operation of unsafe clinics to help insure a woman's health," said Lieutenant Governor Ivey.Opponents say the bill is designed to shut down most of Alabama's five licensed abortion clinics through over-regulation, and they are talking about a legal battle like the one that has kept Mississippi's law from being enforced.