Active shooter drill and training at Etowah County Judicial Center

Etowah County Judicial Center staff barricaded themselves in their offices Friday morning, as security deputies searched for armed intruders.

The guns were bright orange and solid rubber, as the scenario was just a drill designed to see how the staff would respond to an active shooter situation.

All of the employees previously attended workshops on what to do, following a program called "Run. Hide. Fight."{} You can watch an instructional{}video of "Run. Hide. Fight." training at the FBI's website, by clicking here.

"As apprehensive as everybody was,{}I think it went very well," circuit judge Allen Millican said.{}

"It's just like any other training, the more you do it, the more you're going to become accustomed to it and the better response time you're gonna get."

Sheriff Todd Entrekin said the preparation is necessary because it is not a matter of "if" an active shooter situation will happen.

"It's just when it's going to happen.{} It happens across the country every day and we're not going to be immune in Etowah County or any other county in Alabama.{} It's going to happen, and we've just got to be prepared for it when it does," Entrekin said.