Active shooter drill in Birmingham

There's no such thing as too much preparation, especially when it comes to saving lives.

UAB held its annual active shooter training drill early Friday afternoon.

With the recent cases of school and other mass shootings at public venues the drill took on added significance. In the scenario, simulated gunfire could be heard and volunteer actors appeared to have serious injuries and were transported to UAB hospital.

There were several situations acted out. There were two active shooters on two different floors in the building. One suspect carried an explosive in a backpack...another had a gun. In the drill, 20 students and faculty members were shot.

UAB and Birmingham police departments, fire department and bomb squad participated. The scenario took place at the Hill University Center on University Boulevard. Administrators say the more real they can make the drill, the better prepared they will be.

"We've encouraged all of our participants to act as though they are in a Hollywood movie. And the police are used to doing this regularly so they can put on as good as an act as possible," Randy Pewitt of UAB Emergency Management says.