Adamsville community plans protest after pastor was allegedly "manhandled" by police officer

A community in the City of Adamsville plans to protest Saturday after members say a retired, well-respected pastor was attacked by a police officer.Charles Click, 75, allegedly resisted arrest, obstructed governmental operations and had a pistol without a permit during an incident Monday at the Village Store gas station in Adamsville.Click's son, Chuck, tells ABC 33/40 an officer pulled someone over for an expired tag, blocking a gas pump in the process. His father asked the officer to move his cruiser but was met with an altercation."There's no call for someone to yank him out of a truck and manhandle him, really nobody. It doesn't matter if you're 75 years old or not," Click says.Click says the police officer yelled at him and yanked him out of a car, bruising his shoulder and arm.Adamsville Police Chief Robert Carter says the officer told Click to cease and desist several times before he arrested him. Carter also says he watched dash cam video from the incident and his officer did not act inappropriately. Carter would not release the video or the police report to ABC 33/40, citing the situation is in the court's hands. Carter also says the public should refrain from interfering in officer-involved situations."If they want to be a good witness and they see something they don't think is proper, they still should not interfere. They just simply should pick up the phone and they can{} call my office."The community is planning a peaceful protest Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Adamsville City Hall.