Adult content three clicks away from online children's video

"Dora the Explorer," "Sesame Street" and "Peppa Pig" are popular children's shows that many youngsters search for online. A new study shows those innocent searches can lead to explicit content, including violence and nudity, in three clicks or less.

There are safety modes for Youtube and browsers, but UAB Professor Kent Kerley contends, the web doesn't filter out everything objectionable.

"There is this seemingly endless supply of videos, websites and blogs and things of that nature, so it becomes very difficult to monitor all the potential content," Kerley says.

On Youtube's main page, you can click on the safety mode. It's there to block videos that may contain inappropriate content. But if you read closely, the website admits the feature "does not guarantee to block every such video."

"The best offense is a good defense," FBI spokesperson Paul Daymond says.

Daymond says parents should supervise their children's online activity, especially young children. For example, he suggests setting the computer router to cut off at a specific time that keeps children from being online without your knowledge.