The Alabama Education Association plans to fight personnel cuts

It's a list that Lance Hyche wishes he never had to count.

Wednesday, he counted the amount of Birmingham City School employees that aren't being demoted, or taking a pay cut...but, rather, how many are being let go.

117 employees are about to be unemployed.

"A lot of good folks lost their jobs, yesterday," Hyche said. "According to the state department."

Hyche says these workers make between $15,000 and $30,000 a year, like teacher's aides, secretaries and maintenance workers.

He calls that ironic, because at the beginning of talks for possible cuts, he says the board promised not to cut inside the classrooms.

"Well, guess what, not a single high-paid administrator lost their job yesterday," he said. "And the classroom was advertly impacted. More than 50 instructional aides that work hands on, everyday with the children, some of them Special Ed, were fired."

He says AEA understands the financial burden, however, he believes it should not be on the backs of the lowest paid personnel.

Notices were to be sent out, Wednesday, notifying those affected. Hyche is encouraging those people to come in and review the matter and then the AEA will determine what, if any, recourse could be taken.

"We will aggressively seek any legal remedy we can to put these people back to work," Hyche said. "That's what AEA does."