Aero pilates becoming more popular

A growing trend in fitness has found its way to Birmingham.

Many have heard of pilates. But now, pilates is being taken to "new heights."

Aero-pilates improves core strength, flexibility and overall circulation. But its gravity defying moves have made this fitness trend become one of the most popular in the nation.

Alison Page owns Aero Joe Pilates Studio located in Pepper Place.

Page says aero pilates offers both physical and mental health benefits. "We're increasing circulation, joint mobility, flexibility, core strength, but what's unique about this training is it builds your upper body strength quickly. You're getting a nice tone with the shoulders. a lot of time we're supporting ourself from our upper body strength, so it's very unique that way," says Page.

This non-traditional workout has a variety of routines. Participants use an aerial silk to allow inversions and back bends to be done with relative ease. "The (aerial) silks allow folks to be able to experience those advanced exercises at a more intermediate to beginner level. You feel very supported by the silk, it's fun and it's easier than it looks," says Page.Page has been a pilates instructor for nine years. Her studio has only been open three months.

She says more people are taking an interest in this unique workout. "The response has been amazing. People are really excited about trying the aerial fabric work," says Page. "It came from the popularity of aerial dance performance, watching the Cirque du Soleil performers. There are a lot of studios focused on the circus arts."Page says whether you're a beginner or advanced, anyone can do it.

As a beginner, the workout can be challenging. But ultimately, Page wants others to try this innovative exercise.{}

"With learning any new piece of equipment, learning the equipment itself can be difficult," says Page. "You do get a tremendous workout, even the first couple of classes."

In 2011, the Wall Street Journal named aerial fitness as the country's top fitness trend.

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