After Chelsea Middle lock down, parents and school leaders talk safety

© Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry. (

{}One man is in custody- after holding several students at gunpoint at Chelsea Middle School. The school went on lock down after the man went into the girls locker room armed with a semi automatic handgun. {}The suspect is a former part time Summer employee. A school resource officer responded immediately and no one was injured.{}The Shelby County Sheriff's Office tells us, a man armed with a semi-automatic handgun went inside Chelsea Middle School, threatening students and teachers. Thankfully there were no injuries, but it was a PE teacher and a school resource officer who families are now calling "heroes.""The bell went off and we knew we had to go to the nearest classroom," Hannah Harris, a 6th grader told us. "It was somewhat scary but then again it wasn't because I didn't really know what was happening."Local, state and federal authorities searched the campus and a bomb squad made sure the gunman didn't leave anything behind. A father told us, the gunman {}pointed his weapon right at his daughter."The guy was waving the gun, basically pointed it at them, and was also waving it over their heads," Tracy Dale Greene, a parent said.The Shelby County Superintendent says, a PE teacher saw it happen and rushed to the office."She immediately followed protocol and notified the office," Superintendent Randy Fuller, Shelby Co. Schools said."The PE teacher, her teacher is a true hero," Greene said.At Wednesday's meeting for the media and parents, school administrators and the Sheriff listened to their concerns on school safety."Why with what happened at Sandy Hook and everything else is the Commission not listening to the school system?" Kathleen Day, a parent asked at the meeting.After the school shooting in Connecticut, Sheriff Curry asked the Shelby County Commission to provide resources officers at each campus. It said no, but he used money from his budget to do it anyway. It was one of those officers - stationed at Chelsea Middle - who made certain no one was hurt."He Immediately responded, knowing the layout, knowing where the individual was and began a negotiation and as you learned was successful in about 20 minutes with the release of the girls and him surrendering," Sheriff Chris Curry, Shelby County said.Deputies have not yet released the gunman's {}identity. Multiple kidnapping charges may be filed. Four deputies will be on campus Wednesday.