After prostitution arrests, Bali Spa may get business license revoked

Another Birmingham business is facing the chopping block as city council members prepare to take action. Last week, Club Rave had its business license revoked. That could become the same fate for Bali Spa. Nine people were arrested in a recent raid.

The Birmingham City Council will decide Tuesday whether or not to revoke Bali Spa's business license. But before any decision is made, the council will have to prove that the spa is a public nuisance.

Birmingham City Councilor Johnathan F. Austin says, "We're now bringing this before the full council to investigate those allegations. Hear the complaints, see what has taken place. {}We're going to talk about the arrests and see if there is a need for the city to revoke their license or not."

The public hearing is set for{}Tuesday at{}9a.m. at Birmingham City Hall.