After questioning, two confess to Rainbow City church vandalism

Rainbow City Chief of Police Rick Hill says his department has obtained confessions from one adult and a juvenile in connection with Saturday morning's church vandalism case at Christ Central Church. {}Chief Hill says, "one of them made statements that he hated Christians."

The church was defaced with satanic graffiti. Spray paint cans were found in a wooded area next to the church.

The 20-year old{}and 17-year old were brought in for questioning Monday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Rev. Sherri Reynolds told ABC 33/40 her congregation would like to invite the vandals to worship with them.

"They need the love of Christ and a church family," said Reynolds.

No arrests have been made in this case, yet. {}Chief Hill says, "waiting{}on a decision from the church as to whether they are going to press charges." {}