After residential fire and neighbor complaints Falkville leaders considering ban on snakes

Leaders inFalkville are considering passing an ordinance to ban residents from owningcertain types of snakes.

Accordingto reports, the proposal was introduced after Falkville resident TerryLambert's house caught on fire in August and he came running from the burninghome clutching an armful of his pet snakes.

Someneighbors were disturbed by what they saw and took their concerns to city hall.

Lambertsays his snakes are kept in plastic boxes in his garage, and aren't expected togrow to be more than 4 feet long.{} Lambert'swife, Melissa, says their neighbors even offered to care for the reptiles whenthe family was displaced by the fire.

Despitethat, Mayor Bob Ramey says the complaints from neighbors are what prompted the citycouncil to consider drafting regulations on the issue.