After tweaking gun bill appears ready for passage

It took some major tweaking, but, it appears all parties are onboard with a "compromise" version of SB 286- a bill designed to keep Alabama's second amendment rights among the strongest in the nation.

The compromise version cleared a House committee Wednesday and is slated for a vote on the floor of the House next week.

These are some of the new provisions of the substitute bill:

An individual without a concealed carry permit could carry a pistol in a vehicle if it is unloaded, locked away, and out of reach of the driver or any passenger.

The proposed bill changes language to read from "may issue" to "shall issue." Sheriff's would be required to provide documented reasoning for denying permits and an individual may appeal a decision.

Employees would be required to have a concealed carry permit or a hunting license to carry a firearm onto a work site. Employers would have immunity against lawsuits in case an incident with the gun occurred.

The substitute bill now has the support of the National Rifle Association, the Alabama Sheriffs' Association, and the Alabama District Attorneys' Association.