AHSAA adopts new 7A class for largest 32 schools in Alabama

The AHSAA has created a new classification, Class 7A, for larger schools in Alabama.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Alabama High School Athletic Association is creating a new sports classification for the state's largest schools.

Members of the central board voted Wednesday to change the current, six-class system into a seven-class system.

The change takes effect starting with the upcoming academic year that begins in the fall, and it continues at least through the following year.

Class 7A will include the 32 largest schools in all sports. Each new class other than 7A will have around 60 schools.

The association executive director, Steve Savarese, says the seven-class system allows the organization to group schools more closely in enrollment.

"I want to thank the AHSAA staff and Central Board for the hard work they put in to develop the re-classification plan that was approved," AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said in a release. "It was a difficult job, but everyone{}worked together to find the best solution as we move forward."

The president of the association's central board, Lamar Brooks, says the change will allow more students to participate in championship events.

"Scheduling the decision on re-classification until January allowed the AHSAA staff valuable time to evaluate our current classification system thoroughly and provide the detailed information that was needed to make these changes," Brooks said.

The old, six-class system began in 1984.

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