Results from AHSAA 6A state wrestling championship finals

© Vestavia Hills' Jahaad Jackson pins Thompson's Tj Rayam to win the 6A 285lb state championship. (

6A Team Results:

1.{}Thompson{}196.02.{}Vestavia Hills{}189.03.{}Hewitt-Trussville{}107.04.{}Grissom{}97.55.{}Bob Jones{}95.06.{}Oxford{}90.57.{}Auburn{}86.08.{}Prattville{}85.09.{}Smiths Station{}72.510.{}Hoover{}71.511.{}Tuscaloosa County{}71.012.{}Huntsville{}59.013.{}James Clemens{}52.014.{}Pell City{}42.514.{}Sparkman{}42.514.{}Wetumpka{}42.517.{}Jeff Davis{}39.018.{}Carver-Montgomery{}38.019.{}Clay-Chalkville{}37.020.{}Oak Mountain{}35.021.{}Opelika{}31.022.{}Buckhorn{}25.023.{}Minor{}23.023.{}Spain Park{}23.025.{}Stanhope Elmore{}19.526.{}Gardendale{}16.027.{}Gadsden City{}7.028.{}Hueytown{}6.028.{}Mountain Brook{}6.030.{}Pelham{}4.031.{}Lee-Huntsville{}3.032.{}Chelsea{}0.032.{}Shades Valley{}0.0Class 1A-4A Final ResultsClass 5A Final Results

6A Individual Results:

6A 106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Heath Williamson of Hewitt-Trussville 2nd Place - Riley Pike of Thompson 3rd Place - Brandon Cunningham of Prattville 4th Place - Stone Clark of Sparkman 5th Place - Khaleel Johnson of Auburn 6th Place - Carlos Andres of Tuscaloosa County 1st Place Match Heath Williamson (Hewitt-Trussville) 47-1, 8th. over Riley Pike (Thompson) 41-9, Fr. (Dec 4-0). 3rd Place Match Brandon Cunningham (Prattville) 49-7, Jr. over Stone Clark (Sparkman) 43-14, Fr. (Dec 4-0). 5th Place Match Khaleel Johnson (Auburn) 30-15, Fr. over Carlos Andres (Tuscaloosa County) 29-10, Fr. (FF). 6A 113 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Josh Rogers of Vestavia Hills 2nd Place - William Hardin of Oxford 3rd Place - Hunter Parker of Minor 4th Place - Camden Funkhouser of Prattville 5th Place - Quin Miles of Smiths Station 6th Place - Patrick Anderson of Sparkman 1st Place Match Josh Rogers (Vestavia Hills) 19-1, So. over William Hardin (Oxford) 40-4, Sr. (Dec 13-6). 3rd Place Match Hunter Parker (Minor) 34-5, Sr. over Camden Funkhouser (Prattville) 51-14, So. (OT 9-7). 5th Place Match Quin Miles (Smiths Station) 51-6, Sr. over Patrick Anderson (Sparkman) 46-19, So. (Dec 8-5). 6A 120 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jake Smith of Pell City 2nd Place - Payton Garlington of Hoover 3rd Place - Reed Jacks of Thompson 4th Place - John Hill of Vestavia Hills 5th Place - Joshua Jamieson of Smiths Station 6th Place - Robbey Killough of Prattville 1st Place Match Jake Smith (Pell City) 50-1, Sr. over Payton Garlington (Hoover) 44-7, Jr. (Dec 5-2). 3rd Place Match Reed Jacks (Thompson) 56-3, Sr. over John Hill (Vestavia Hills) 48-13, Fr. (Dec 3-2). 5th Place Match Joshua Jamieson (Smiths Station) 51-5, Jr. over Robbey Killough (Prattville) 52-11, Fr. (Dec 11-4). 6A 126 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Harrison Turner of Tuscaloosa County 2nd Place - Jaden Hunter of Thompson 3rd Place - Jeremy Strong of Vestavia Hills 4th Place - Nicholas Baker of Prattville 5th Place - Marquis Banks of Opelika 6th Place - Jackson Hall of Hoover 1st Place Match Harrison Turner (Tuscaloosa County) 44-8, Sr. over Jaden Hunter (Thompson) 41-4, So. (Dec 9-7). 3rd Place Match Jeremy Strong (Vestavia Hills) 45-19, So. over Nicholas Baker (Prattville) 53-16, Jr. (Pin 2:24). 5th Place Match Marquis Banks (Opelika) 22-13, Sr. over Jackson Hall (Hoover) 39-13, So. (FF). 6A 132 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jordan Simpson of Oxford 2nd Place - Demario Haynes of Thompson 3rd Place - Dylan Spurlock of Auburn 4th Place - Lacarris Patrick of Opelika 5th Place - Austin Holt of Grissom 6th Place - Keeriq Prewitt of Tuscaloosa County 1st Place Match Jordan Simpson (Oxford) 50-0, Sr. over Demario Haynes (Thompson) 57-6, Sr. (Dec 7-0). 3rd Place Match Dylan Spurlock (Auburn) 45-6, Jr. over Lacarris Patrick (Opelika) 34-5, Sr. (Dec 4-1). 5th Place Match Austin Holt (Grissom) 47-4, Sr. over Keeriq Prewitt (Tuscaloosa County) 41-12, Sr. (Dec 6-2). 6A 138 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brewer Gilliland of Thompson 2nd Place - Caden Mcwhirter of Prattville 3rd Place - Morgan Paugh of Vestavia Hills 4th Place - Jared Godfrey of Oak Mountain 5th Place - Davis Perry of Hewitt-Trussville 6th Place - Jack Dobbins of Clay-Chalkville 1st Place Match Brewer Gilliland (Thompson) 51-5, Jr. over Caden Mcwhirter (Prattville) 58-3, So. (Dec 4-2). 3rd Place Match Morgan Paugh (Vestavia Hills) 36-5, So. over Jared Godfrey (Oak Mountain) 49-11, Jr. (Dec 4-2). 5th Place Match Davis Perry (Hewitt-Trussville) 49-13, Fr. over Jack Dobbins (Clay-Chalkville) 50-16, Sr. (Dec 7-2). 6A 145 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Cody Lane of Auburn 2nd Place - Jesse Webster of Bob Jones 3rd Place - Andrew Korn of Vestavia Hills 4th Place - Deandre Beck of Stanhope Elmore 5th Place - Greg Artalona of Huntsville 6th Place - Trevor Edwards of Grissom 1st Place Match Cody Lane (Auburn) 48-3, Sr. over Jesse Webster (Bob Jones) 46-7, Sr. (Pin 5:15). 3rd Place Match Andrew Korn (Vestavia Hills) 19-2, Sr. over Deandre Beck (Stanhope Elmore) 46-5, Sr. (Dec 3-0). 5th Place Match Greg Artalona (Huntsville) 15-4, Sr. over Trevor Edwards (Grissom) 51-12, So. (Maj 12-3). 6A 152 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Hunter Lee of Oxford 2nd Place - Khaliq Jones of Wetumpka 3rd Place - Daniel Edwards of Pell City 4th Place - Fred Denson of Hewitt-Trussville 5th Place - Will Knox of Vestavia Hills 6th Place - Dustin Horton of Tuscaloosa County 1st Place Match Hunter Lee (Oxford) 46-4, So. over Khaliq Jones (Wetumpka) 42-3, So. (TF 15-0). 3rd Place Match Daniel Edwards (Pell City) 36-9, Sr. over Fred Denson (Hewitt-Trussville) 47-10, So. (Dec 5-2). 5th Place Match Will Knox (Vestavia Hills) 33-13, Sr. over Dustin Horton (Tuscaloosa County) 14-4, Sr. (FF). 6A 160 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Nick Weldon of Clay-Chalkville 2nd Place - Cahman Holder of Thompson 3rd Place - Killian Hoyt of Grissom 4th Place - Micah Mcglathery of Sparkman 5th Place - Jack Nelson of Vestavia Hills 6th Place - Alex Maxwell of Bob Jones 1st Place Match Nick Weldon (Clay-Chalkville) 67-1, Jr. over Cahman Holder (Thompson) 52-10, Sr. (Dec 11-8). 3rd Place Match Killian Hoyt (Grissom) 54-4, Sr. over Micah Mcglathery (Sparkman) 40-18, Sr. (Pin 1:51). 5th Place Match Jack Nelson (Vestavia Hills) 19-4, Sr. over Alex Maxwell (Bob Jones) 34-22, Sr. (Pin 2:26). 6A 170 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Nick Hall of Thompson 2nd Place - Tim Hester of Smiths Station 3rd Place - Landon Edwards of James Clemens 4th Place - Marcus Graham of Wetumpka 5th Place - Sam Howard of Huntsville 6th Place - Kyle Miller of Grissom 1st Place Match Nick Hall (Thompson) 32-1, Sr. over Tim Hester (Smiths Station) 54-1, Sr. (TF 21-5). 3rd Place Match Landon Edwards (James Clemens) 31-4, Jr. over Marcus Graham (Wetumpka) 30-9, Jr. (Dec 5-2). 5th Place Match Sam Howard (Huntsville) 36-20, Jr. over Kyle Miller (Grissom) 60-8, Sr. (Dec 2-1). 6A 182 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Marcus Elkins of Hewitt-Trussville 2nd Place - Kevin Mcclure of Spain Park 3rd Place - Christian Stewart of Tuscaloosa County 4th Place - Jesse Herron of Jeff Davis 5th Place - Levi Hickson of Bob Jones 6th Place - Cameron England of Buckhorn 1st Place Match Marcus Elkins (Hewitt-Trussville) 59-0, Sr. over Kevin Mcclure (Spain Park) 43-6, So. (Pin 3:48). 3rd Place Match Christian Stewart (Tuscaloosa County) 45-10, Sr. over Jesse Herron (Jeff Davis) 26-12, Jr. (Dec 12-5). 5th Place Match Levi Hickson (Bob Jones) 39-20, Jr. over Cameron England (Buckhorn) 38-18, So. (Pin 4:46). 6A 195 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Alec Shunnarah of Hoover 2nd Place - Micah Hatley of Bob Jones 3rd Place - Stephen Dasaro of Grissom 4th Place - Randy Hooks of Auburn 5th Place - Tracy Kendall of Huntsville 6th Place - Chris Young-perusek of Smiths Station 1st Place Match Alec Shunnarah (Hoover) 43-4, Jr. over Micah Hatley (Bob Jones) 46-7, Sr. (Dec 8-2). 3rd Place Match Stephen Dasaro (Grissom) 48-6, So. over Randy Hooks (Auburn) 34-8, So. (Pin 4:36). 5th Place Match Tracy Kendall (Huntsville) 32-18, Sr. over Chris Young-perusek (Smiths Station) 46-6, Sr. (Maj 10-0). 6A 220 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ryan Stenger of James Clemens 2nd Place - Dalton Campbell of Vestavia Hills 3rd Place - Daniel Mccall of Carver-Montgomery 4th Place - Payton Demos of Huntsville 5th Place - Lloyd Time of Oak Mountain 6th Place - Brandon Holland of Smiths Station 1st Place Match Ryan Stenger (James Clemens) 48-0, Sr. over Dalton Campbell (Vestavia Hills) 41-2, Jr. (Dec 2-1). 3rd Place Match Daniel Mccall (Carver-Montgomery) 22-3, Sr. over Payton Demos (Huntsville) 39-12, Jr. (OT 7-5). 5th Place Match Lloyd Time (Oak Mountain) 56-6, Sr. over Brandon Holland (Smiths Station) 48-6, Sr. (Dec 7-3). 6A 285 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jahaad Jackson of Vestavia Hills 2nd Place - Tj Rayam of Thompson 3rd Place - Daniel Adkins of Gardendale 4th Place - Darius Preyer of Carver-Montgomery 5th Place - Melvin Gibbons of Bob Jones 6th Place - Corey Tonini of Grissom 1st Place Match Jahaad Jackson (Vestavia Hills) 35-7, Sr. over Tj Rayam (Thompson) 49-15, Fr. (Pin 2:36). 3rd Place Match Daniel Adkins (Gardendale) 46-3, Jr. over Darius Preyer (Carver-Montgomery) 19-4, Sr. (OT 6-5). 5th Place Match Melvin Gibbons (Bob Jones) 46-6, Jr. over Corey Tonini (Grissom) 53-13, Jr. (Pin 4:43).