Airport Authority President: Construction team had serious concerns about safety

Denson said Thursday that contractors raised concerns about safety at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport before a flight information display fell on March 22, killing one boy and injuring three others. (

The Birmingham Airport Authority answered more questions tonight about the fatal information display collapse. The president says some contractors and members on the construction team raised safety concerns before March 22.

The Airport Authority's president didn't go into detail about the problems. But{}Al Denson{}said construction employees expressed safety concerns that were never brought to the board's attention and their investigation found the information display was not secured.{}

The Airport Authority hired a Mobile company to look at whether the information displays are safe. Denson{}says they had no connection to the wall before the March 22 accident, which killed ten year old Luke Bresette from Kansas City and injured his two brothers and mother.

On Tuesday, Denson says the board learned about safety complaints, which made him order all flight information displays to be removed. He now wants to the contractors to explain.

"On April 2, I learned that certain contractors and others on the construction team had serious concerns about the safety of these MUFIDS and the risks they presented before the accident. We do not have a full understanding of what was done or considered to address these concerns," said Denson following an two and half hour executive session to discuss possible legal matters with the airport.

Denson{}didn't go into detail about those concerns. But he wants general contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, as well as{}BLOC Global,{}KPS Group, Fish Construction and Monumental Contracting Service to answer questions about the safety concerns immediately.

The board didn't give any further explanation about what may have caused the display to collapsed on the Bresette family.