Airport delays, cancellations causing problems for Auburn fans

The wintry weather couldn't have come at a worse time for some Auburn and Florida State fans. Many fans are arriving at the airport to discover their flights are delayed or canceled. Instead of heading to Pasadena, some may now be home bound.

Flight boards are covered in yellow with cancellations and delays.

"We've gone to every airline. No one has a flight anywhere out west because of the weather," said Peggy Palmer, an Auburn fan whose California flight was canceled Sunday.

Like Palmer, many of the travelers are Auburn fans trying to get to Pasadena before Monday night's kickoff against Florida State. With dream vacations in jeopardy and thousands of dollars in tickets and hotels at stake, some will do just about anything.

"Trying to get a flight out of anywhere we can drive. There are no flights anywhere," said Laura Wilson, an Auburn fan.

"There's 200 people here standing at the airport waiting to get out of here. Get a plane here and get us out of here," said Palmer.

I's similar to 2011 the last time auburn played for the BCS National Championship. Winter weather also caused flight delays, cancellations and frustration.

"I was there in Arizona. I want to go out on this one too," said Palmer.

But some flyers are just sitting back and trying to wait out the weather."It's kind of bad right now, the weather. But there's nothing we can do," said Demarko Young, a traveler.

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