Fan reaction to Alabama loss

Many fans are in shock with Alabama losing to Texas A & M. Baumhower's in Hoover was packed as fans kept their eyes on several tv's.

Fans stayed optimistic right up until the very end. No one even wanted to think about a loss. But some did expect this game to be a tough one, before it started."Roll Tide" Alabama fans jumped out of their seats at Baumhower's in Hoover. They remained positive the number one team, would stay number one!! But from the start, Texas A & M took the lead.Alabama fan, Terry Burr, says "I think the problem is Alabama is passing way too much, they need to run the ball a little more."Fans considered this game the last hurdle to get to the national championship and expected it to be tough, but even with Texas A & M leading, fans didn't want to think about defeat.

Dick Vinyell says "You've got to have big wins if you're going to be number one and we're number one so we've got to win."And fans thought that was going to happen. Alabama had a chance to pull off their second comeback win in a row, but Quarterback AJ McCarron threw an interception with a minute and a half to go and Texas A & M held on to win.Kenneth Hooks says "We rose to the occasion so many times this year. I think we got away from our game plan, got away from our strong points. We're a running team. I can't believe it right now."And other fans here couldn't believe it either. Chris Wojdula says "I thought they'd get it on the fourth down, but when you throw an interception it's hard to win the game when you do that."But fans are still rooting for the Crimson Tide, hoping this one loss won't affect the rest of the season. "I definitely think we'll win the SEC championship. I think we need a lot of luck to get into Miami."With several more weeks to go, fans believe anything can happen.{} But still, this is one loss, many people didn't want to see happen.