Alabama and FSU fans look ahead to championship possibilities

On what is expected to be one of the biggest football crowds ever in Tuscaloosa Saturday, guess what the number one topic of conversation may well be. It's not enough that Alabama plays host to LSU. But after Oregon's loss last night to Stanford, football fans{} are envisioning the championship match up in January between the University of Alabama and Florida State. This match up can create some real loyalty issues for some Alabama fans.

Florida State's star quarterback, Jameis Winston is from Hueytown. It's a tight knit community so people who know Winston and his family are proud of his success. But some of those same people are Alabama fans. It will make for a very interesting game day in Hueytown.

"The whole aura about the program itself, the class that they have."

That's just the short list of why Arlestus McNeal{} is a fan of the Florida State Seminoles. And of course, you can't forget one more thing."The Florida State swagger," said McNeal.

McNeal says he's been a fan of the team for the past 20 years. He says being a fan of the crimson and gold can be tough when you're living among people who die hard Crimson Tide fans. "A little friendly rivalry amongst my family and friends cause a lot of them are Alabama fans also," said McNeal.

He says his friends and family are forgiving of his choice to root for the Noles. Perhaps that's because some Alabama fans have a soft spot for Florida State. Especially some Alabama fans from Hueytown. Tim Keenan is one of those people. "For the big game at the end of the day I have to roll with the tide. My daughter is a sophomore there. So I have home ties there. I also have to pull for the hometown homeboy Famous Jameis," said Keenan.

As proud as Keenan is of Jameis Winston, being a Tide fan is serious business. "We're gonna run right at you. And then we have an experiences quarterback, receivers with hands like Allstate, a running back with perfect vision. It's just going to be hard to beat Alabama. It doesn't matter how good Florida state or anybody else is," said Keenan.

McNeal though is quick to remind Alabama fans of what happened back in 2007 when the Noles did beat the tide. "Lets get ready for round two. Go Noles."

ABC 33/40 also spoke with probably one of the biggest Florida State fans in Alabama, Winston's dad,{} Antonor Winston. He says the national attention is something his family had to get used to but his son handles it well. As for the BCS championship, he says he and son don't really talk about that. They talk about college life, grades and other college related things. He says he's proud of his son on and off the field.