Alabama and Notre Dame fans stock up on paraphernalia

Alabama and Notre Dame fans are wearing symbols on just about everything. Hats, shirts, bags. You name it, they've got it. You would think these fans are set for life. But they's still buying gear,{} and they say too much is never enough.

How much is a die hard fan willing to shell out for their beloved team? Paraphernalia vendor John Smith says, for the BCS game, his customers rarely have a limit.

"They're buying as if the Dallas cowboys are playing in this game," he said.

Everything an Alabama or Notre dame fan could ever want is in Miami.

"I got Notre dame shorts with shamrocks on it. Lets go Irish,"said a Notre Dame fan.

"The most unique and valuable item I own is a bracelet that has some rubies in it and gold and that kind of stuff," said and Alabama fan.

For them it's more than just another T-shirt. It's about an unspoken, but well-known fan rule. The more you have, the more bragging rights you've earned.