Alabama Chanin changing the clothing industry one stitch at a time

They say the devil is in the details, where something, or in this case clothing, looks as if its been put together effortlessly.{}But when you look again, you see fine needle work and craftmanship. Its a true sign of artistry. {}{}That's what you get at Alabama Chainin, a Florence based company that makes handmade clothing and houseware.{}"Each piece is perfectly stitched by hand. They are made my artisans who live within an hour radius," said Natalie Chan, founder and owner.{}{}Chanin started the company more than a decade ago. {}She says what started as a small project eventually turned into a growing business where items produced in the Florence studio are shipped all over the world.{}"We're working with only 100 percent cotton jersey. The fiber is grown in Texas and its processed and knit in North Carolina. Its also dyed in North Carolina. {}It comes to us for cutting, painting, and sowing," said Chanin.{}Alabama Chanin has two clothing lines. {}The A-Chanin line is manufactured with machines right in their studio. {}The Alabama Chanin clothing line is handmade sewn together on stitch at a time by 'artisans.'{}" As a nation, we've been feeling this lack of making. {}There's a kind of joy that comes with making that you don't get from a smartphone or from a 3-D printer," said Chanin.{}The artisans at Alabama Chanin are local and so are the food suppliers where they get food for their cafe.{}"Part of the mission of the company has always been local manufacturing, community development. Looking at different economic models and looking into how our business fits into those models. This has really been a logical growth from those ideas," said Chanin.{}Looking ahead, Chanin plans to get comfortable in her new facility and continue making products that get people to appreciate the art of making something with one's own hands.{}