Alabama Democratic party chairwoman remains confident with just one gubernatorial candidate

Time is tight for the Alabama Democratic party. Anyone wanting to run for office this year has until February 7th to qualify. In late December, Kevin Bass stepped up as the party's lone gubernatorial candidate. Democratic party chairwoman Nancy Worley remains confident.

Nancy Worley has the same sentiment that she did when ABC 33/40 caught up with her back in August. She stopped short of naming names. But did say she's confident more people besides Kevin Bass will announce their candidacy for the gubernatorial race, and that the Democratic ticket in 2014 will be as diverse as ever."I'm very optimistic. More so than when we last met," said Worley.

Alabama Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Worley says she is not worried about her party in the face of looming deadlines. At least now the party has one candidate for the governor's race. 34-year-old Kevin Bass is a business owner from Fayette, and a former professional baseball player. "Mr. Bass and I have talked a couple of times. We've never met. He sounds very good on the telephone and its kind of shades of fob James when he ran coming out of the sport world and the business world," said Worley.

Bass lacks political experience. "Sometimes people who lack political experience are your best people to govern because they don't have a lot of built in paybacks or preconceived idea about how something should be done."

Worley says others have shown interest in the state's highest office. She would not offer names, but did say she knows of at least two additional people. "It would be inappropriate for me to make an announcement for someone else. One I think for sure and possibly two," she said.

As for Democratic candidates looking to qualify for other seats in the November general election, Worley had this to say, "Certainly your candidates for governor can have long coat tails or skirt tails and I think that it's important that we have those good candidates leading the ticket because that encourages other people to run. And I think candidates look at who the gubernatorial possibilities are before they jump into a race."Worley assured us that she's heard from several people who are simply waiting to hand in qualifying fees. Meanwhile, the party is working on requesting that the State Democratic Executive Committee move the opening qualifying date to January 13th. That would give candidates a one month window to qualify for office, as opposed to just one week.