Alabama denied full court hearing on immigration law

A federal appeals court has declined a request by the state of Alabama to reconsider a ruling on the state's tough law targeting illegal immigration. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Tuesday issued an order declining the state's petition to have the full court review the decision of a three-judge panel in a challenge to the state's law brought by a coalition of groups and individuals.

The court last month rejected a similar request by the state on the panel's ruling on a challenge brought by the federal government. The court did not give a reason for declining to rehear the case. The court on Monday declined a similar request by the state of Georgia to reconsider a ruling on that state's illegal immigration crackdown.

The state of Georgia is considering its options a day after a federal appeals court denial. The Georgia attorney general's office said Tuesday it hadn't made any decision about its next step.