Alabama EMA: Federal aid to April, May storm victims tops $40 million

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- Federal aid provided to Alabama residents affected by the April 28 through May 5 severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and flooding has reached more than $40 million. The following numbers, compiled July 17, provide a snapshot of the Alabama/FEMA disaster recovery to date: Funds approved:$16.5 million for Housing Assistance grants to help with recovery rental expenses and home repair costs.

$4.1 million{}for Other Needs Assistance to cover essential disaster-related needs, such as medical expenses and lost personal possessions.

$15.4 million approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration for low-interest loans to eligible homeowners, renters and businesses.$4.4 million for Public Assistance programs. Of that amount, $1.4 million has been allocated for debris removal. Another $500,000 will go toward storm response and $2.2 million has been obligated for infrastructure repair and replacement. Survivor Recovery15,951 damaged homes and property have been inspected (99 percent of requests).

9 counties designated for Individual Assistance.

21 counties designated for Public Assistance.

FEMA's mitigation outreach program at nine Home Depot and Lowe's home improvement stores provided some 1,600 shoppers with information on rebuilding/repairing homes in a safer and more resilient manner. Thank you letters are being presented to participating stores.

Recovery officials urge all Alabama residents who have registered for assistance to stay in close contact with FEMA throughout the recovery process. This is especially true during the first weeks after registering when FEMA housing inspectors must contact applicants to view damages. Those with mobile phones should provide that number to FEMA during the registration.

Source:{} Alabama EMA news release

County-by-County approved breakdown of Individual Assistance: County Approved Registrations Housing Assistance Other Needs Assistance Baldwin 2,041 $7,514,623.34 $1,422,607.29 Blount 27 {}{}{}{} $156,231.00 $13,491.06 DeKalb 25 $71,001.00 $20,674.77 Etowah 58 $427,844.51 $60,107.05 Jefferson 435 $1,128,338.93 $205,440.98 Lee 54 $269,887.79 $54,516.18 Limestone 298 $986,713.33 $513,725.46 Mobile 4,195 $5,685,300.76 $1,763,994.47 Tuscaloosa 60 $288,393.02 $69,360.60 Total: 7,133 $16,528,333.68 $4,123,520.71