Alabama family moving to Colorado for CBD oil

A Pell City family is moving to Colorado to give their son a better life.He was born with a rare medical condition and after years of dealing with seizures, his mom wants to see if Cannabidoil will make a difference.Brittany Berry considers her son's life.. a miracle.{} "Joshua was born with a rare condition called Chiari Malformation type 3."Joshua has spent a majority of the last 23 years in the hospital. He has at least 2 seizures a day and can no longer chew or swallow food. Everything must be pureed.Berry says, "This is more a side effect from the medications. So if we can come off these dangerous pharmaceuticals then that's our hope, he'll regain that ability."Berry says drugs like Phenobarbital has failed her son. So she's moving her family from Pell City to Pueblo, Colorado where Cannabidoil is available. It's derived from marijuana and is illegal in Alabama.Berry says, "It's getting to be more and more common. Josh is the 172 patient on the waiting list, so it's very common now."A bill has been introduced in Alabama called Carly's law. It's aimed at legalizing CBD oil for medical purposes. Berry says, "Get on board, support this, it's time in Alabama. you're losing families quickly. these children deserve this."Berry hopes the CBD oil will end the seizures and give josh a better life. "If it can get him off the dangerous pharmaceuticals with side effects that are on a mile long list, it's worth a shot."Berry says doctors told her josh wouldn't live past the age of 2, but he's defied the odds and even graduated from high school.A Stanford University study found the oil helped ease seizures by 80 percent with few side affects and no high.