Alabama fans excited about recent championship

Coach Nick Saban has said that the Alabama fans are what makes winning championships special.

Certainly around Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, fans were reveling in the moment as they celebrate their fifteenth national championship.

"It was great, we knew we had them beat," says Crimson Tide fan David Hudson. "It feels great, a lot of redemption after that Notre Dame loss when we played them (in '73) with The Bear and, I'm just so tickledman this is really great."Craig Degraw and his buddy Mike Malden who is from Kingsport, Tennessee couldn't wait to hit town this morning. They wanted to get their hand on some of the new BCS championship gear.

"I could not believe it, and I didn't have as big a hangover as I thought I was going to have," jokes Degraw.

For Malden, "It was absolutely wonderful, worth the drive!"Rob Holyfield's family came in from Michigan to visit and watch the game. He was confident in a Tide victory. "I was happy when they scored first and I knew they had it won," recalls Holyfield.Alabama senior John Dugan, is experiencing his third national championship in his fourth year as a student.

How does he describe this one?

"Man... It was epic," says Dugan.

No matter where you were in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, chances are you would here these famous words... "Roll Tide!"