Alabama fans meet in South Beach, Miami

Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami heard a lot of "Roll Tide" chants, Saturday.

Michael and Tressa Rawlinson just arrived in town for the BCS National Championship between Alabama and Notre Dame.

"I love the warm weather and the sunshine," Michael Rawlinson said.

And on Ocean Drive, Mrs. Rawlinson asks what's not to love?

"It's a beautiful town," she said. "It's a great atmosphere."

Other fans who just got into Miami share the same thoughts.

"I've been hanging out and enjoying the weather," Richmond Walker said. "It's nice and warm. It was cold back home and [I'm] looking for a good trip back and hopefully a win."

"We live in Mobile, which is nice weather, but it's not this nice right now," Jim Herring said.

Herring and his wife, Diane, say they're pretty sure they've found a new vacation spot.

"We love it," he said. "We've had a great time. The people have been nice and we've spent most of the time on Ocean Drive...we love it here."

But it's not all fun for these fans. It's also business. And come Monday, South Beach weather or not, fans want that championship.

"We're going to have fun for two days," Tressa Rawlinson said. "But on Monday, it's game time and it's all business. We're here to win and take another championship back to Tuscaloosa."