Alabama fans upbeat again

Some may call it the perfect storm!{} Two top ranked football teams lost their games Saturday night, so Alabama could still make it to Miami for the national championship. It's a better weekend for Alabama fans. "Roll tide!" Glen Burns lost his appetite after the team lost to Texas A & M last Saturday. "It was not a good night. we were so broken down."But how quickly he rebounded! "We knew we were gonna win that game." A win against Western Carolina Saturday night, plus #1 Kansas State and #2 Oregon losing their games.. has put Alabama closer to the national championship.Alabama fan Michael Barnes says "We'll see how it all works out. But it looks pretty good from here." Barnes thinks fans have already secured those national championship seats -- now hoping Alabama can beat Auburn at the Iron Bowl.But at least this week, fans can breath easy knowing the Crimson Tide is back on track. Burns says "I'm sure Nick Saban will be in their rear ends for the next three weeks until they really get playing and hopefully we'll beat Auburn."