Alabama Governor's School welcomes rising high school seniors to college

Some of Alabama's best and brightest students will be in Birmingham for the next two weeks getting an early taste of college in the 27th annual Alabama Governor's School. The rising high school seniors chose to be in the classroom this summer. "My parents are actually at the beach right now and they were going to take me and I chose this over the beach so I was just really interested in coming here and learning," explained Amber Garvery, a student in the program. That's learning about science, business, arts and more in an environment at Samford University that has no report card. "I just saw it as a really good opportunity to actually learn without worrying about a grade because I feel like that's something in school- even though I enjoy learning, it's hard for me to focus on okay lets learn something new, verses what I have to know for the test," explained Nikki Sullivan, another student learning this week at Samford. Ninety-one students from 24 counties make up the Alabama Governor's School's biggest class yet. Once they were nominated by their high school, applicants were chosen based on academics and extra curricular activities. The program's director, Dr. George Keller says the university is honored to host one of about 25 governor schools nationwide. "They saw it originally as a gift to the state because the students do pay tuition but it doesn't cover everything that they, it doesn't cover all the costs. Samford has always chipped in for the rest of it," explained Dr. Keller. Students believe the two weeks filled with learning will pay off when it comes time for college. "I think it will help me figure out, is science really what I want to do?" added Sullivan. "Is this what I want to major in in college?" "I think I'm going to make a lot of friends here, hopefully. And, they kind of think like me so maybe we can share ideas and better things around us," said Garvery. A couple of famous alumni from the Alabama Governor's School include Morgan Goodwin - the young red headed actress in the Wendy's commercials and Miss Alabama 2005 Alexa Jones.