Alabama Gun Collector's Summer Show

The Alabama Gun Collectors Association started in 1954 and now has more than 1600 members. This weekend is its annual Summer show, featuring over 600 displays. But, it doesn't just revolve around guns.It's a reunion of sorts.{} Show Chairman Brent Goodwin says, "It's an opportunity for me to at least swap war stories with buddies here about did you get that weapon, how much does it cost?"Every collector has a story like Jim Mitchell{} "I sold{} most of these guns to friends of mine, customers of mine and now my friends, and customers are gone, so their wives call me and I go buy them."{} And the guns, well most have a story too. Mitchell says "Let's start with the Revolution, 1795, the British brought a group of these over here with the Haitians and British troops to take the country back from us."And the history can be yours.. for a few thousand dollars. John Church even brought his 1841 Civil War Cannon Replica to the Alabama Gun Collector's Summer Show. "It's basically history, we want to honor veterans whatever we do."But not every table has weapons, this man has World War II memorabilia.{} David Rogers says "Some people come up and say I got this, my Dad, Grand-dad brought it back and that's how I buy some things."But it's not all about the past, this collection is diverse and heavy! There are thousands of guns at this show. One of the most expensive is a double rifle used to hunt game that costs around $25,000." Goodwin says{} "There are short guns that go for 40,000, so how deep is your pocket?"While guns are selling, collectors say the event is more about show and tell and celebrating freedom.The chairman says the association is a self regulated club, projecting a safe image for the use of weapons. The show continues Sunday from 10:00 until 4-pm.