Alabama House passes Religious Liberty Act in opposition of Obamacare

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- By a vote of 67 to 28, the Alabama House on Tuesday awarded passage to the ReligiousLiberty Act, a measure sponsored by State Rep. Lynn Greer (R - Rogersville) anddesigned to combat some of the most intrusive and offensive provisions of thefederal ObamaCare social program.

Similarto legislation enacted in Arizona, House Bill 108 would allow certain employers toopt out of specific overreaching ObamaCare mandates requiring employers toprovide insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortion-inducing agents.

"There'sno doubt that ObamaCare is one of the most constitutionally dangerous pieces oflegislation ever passed by the federal government, and the fact that itrequires employers to provide coverage for contraceptives and help kill unbornlife despite their religious convictions is downright immoral," Greersaid.{} "It is my hope that the ReligiousLiberty Act will help block Obama's efforts to force feed his social liberalismdown the throats of those in Alabama whose spiritual beliefs are beingviolated."

Citingthe First and Tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution and the AlabamaReligious Freedom Amendment of the 1901 Constitution, the bills allows areligious institution or a "motivated employer" to notify its insuranceprovider through a written affidavit that they do not wish to provide insurancecoverage for contraceptives or abortifacient drugs or devices toemployees.{} The insurer will then providea policy that excludes such coverage and retain the affidavit throughout itsterm.

Greernoted that Birmingham-based Eternal World Television Network, a worldwideCatholic radio and TV channel, is suing in federal court to block Obamacare provisionsthat require it to provide mandatory contraceptive coverage to its employees, aclear violation of the church's teachings.

Othernon-profit groups, schools, businesses such as Hobby Lobby, andreligiously-affiliated institutions across the country have also filed suit toblock the abusive ObamaCare mandates.

Thebill, which is a major component of the 2013 "We Dare Defend Our Rights" HouseRepublican Caucus agenda, now moves to the Senate for consideration.

News Release from State Rep. Lynn Greer (R - Rogersville).