Alabama House delays vote on gun bill

The legislature is tackling lots of issues in Montgomery - one of the most debated bills right now is on whether Alabamians can carry a gun in their car and when they're at work. The bill passed the senate early this month, but big disagreements {}are slowing things down in the house.


A committee had planned to discuss the gun bill Tuesday morning, but put on the brakes after the debate grew. Senator Scott Beason - who sponsored the Senate bill - says he's concerned for the delay.

"The House just needs to vote one way or another and say where they are on the people's right to bear arms," Senator Scott Beason, (R) Gardendale said. "If they're not supportive of that, then kill the bill. But let the public know where you are - that's what I'm asking."

Representative Ed Henry says the bill is being tweaked after Tuesdays public hearing.

"We will continue to work on that and make this the best possible bill we can to protect individuals second amendment rights first but not to endanger public safety as a secondary measure," Henry said.

Several sheriffs from across the state expressed concern over the bill and some people even call it a "road rage bill" raising the risk for shootings.

"It's unfortunate the sheriffs would say that," Beason said. "All you have to do is look at other states that do not require you to pay the sheriff to carry your pistol in your car, they don't have any more or less cases of road rage than we do here."

"At the same time, they don't want to encourage criminal activity that not only endangers public safety, but their law officers as well," Henry said.



The bill is set for discussion Wednesday in the House but some representatives say it could be pushed back again - due to the amount of debate.