Alabama joins initiative to educate investors

The Alabama Securities Commission has announced that it is taking part in a national grass-roots investor education campaign to help provide Alabamians with the information they need to make wise financial decisions and protect themselves from financial fraud. Governor Robert Bentley signed a proclamation today declaring the month of April 2014 as 'Facts on Saving and Investing Campaign Month.'

"With recent difficult economic times, a turbulent stock market, longer life expectancies, and uncertain future of Social Security and pension plans, smart planning for retirement is more vital than ever," said Joseph Borg, Director of the Alabama Securities Commission. Financial education has never been more important. Investors need to understand the basics of saving and investing, know how to check out an investment or salesperson and how to protect themselves against possible fraud."

As part of the "facts on Saving and Investing" campaign. The Securities Commission staff will be available to visit high schools and colleges, make presentations to all types of organizations across Alabama to speak about topics such as investing, credit and fraud prevention.

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