Alabama legislative committees meeting this morning

Several legislative committees will meet in Montgomery Thursday.The Senate Judicial Committee will look at HB378, sponsored by Merika Coleman-Evans that would make any assault "to persons 18 years of age on school property, school bus, or school-sponsored function, intent to cause physical injury," a second-degree offense.The House Judicial Committee will look at SB202, sponsored by Senator Roger Bedford. {}It would "authorize a person to petition a circuit or district court to have the record of certain felony or {}misdemeanor offenses, violations, or traffic violations expunged when the person is found not guilty or the charges 15 are dismissed."The House Rules Committee will look at SJR109, a resolution out of the Senate that urges the State Board of Education "to refrain from accepting any federal funds tied to the Common Core State Standards Initiative until a full and open debate."Other committees will look at Sunday alcohol sales in the city of Weaver as well authorizing the city of Alabaster to establish a civil service system for employees.On Wednesday, the Senate Constitution and Elections Committee pushed through a bill that would make the voter registration deadline come sooner. {}Instead of 10 days before and election, people must register 17 days before an election.