Alabama National Cemetery

It's time to honor and remember the men and women who served our country.

There was a beautiful ceremony at the The Alabama National cemetery in Montevallo.

For those who help keep and maintain the cemetery.... it's a labor of love and a matter of faith.

Herman Watkins served in the Navy. He now is an integral part of the workings of the new cemetery. He says, " It has 479 acres."

Col Stretch Dunn is retired from the Army. "It's special in a number of different levels."

Herman: "Right now there are 928 people buried here."

Col. Stretch Dunn says, "Remember them as a band of brothers if you will."


Herman: "All branches of the service, Army Navy, Marines Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, all branches are buried here."

Nestled in the rolling hills of Montevalo... this pristine National Cemetery offers a final resting place for those who've served.


Col. Dunn: "When anyone comes out here they're not really having a conversation with a tombstone they're having a conversation with God themselves and with the memory of whoever is buried there."

The men and women who served their country are memorialized here. The people who worked to make it a reality see it as a matter of faith.

Col. Dunn: "I do believe this is hallowed ground and the people who come here will be cleansed and to a degree healed... because of the experience."

Col. Stretch Dunn has faith this special cemetery will offer comfort to the families of those who've served in the armed forces.

He also says faith helped him through the harrowing times of war... and now he wants to serve others by offering whatever comfort he can by pouring his energy into this cemetery.

Stretch: "In Vietnam when there was a matter of faith to deal with the fears combat brought to the fold thanks to my faith."

Col. Dunn: "Faith has become and opportunity to find equilibrium, peace in a very harsh profession."

It's in this place he hopes the families of the fallen... can find peace and comfort.

Herman: "We have several people killed in the current war we have a vet from World War One, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam. "

People willing to die for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Col. Dunn. "I am one of many to give time and energy and service and selflessness to make it all it can be for those who visit."