Alabama, Notre Dame fans do community service in Miami

The neighborhood of Overtown got a facelift, Sunday.

And the people that made it possible might surprise you.

People like Mantay Santay, who didn't mind giving up his beautiful Miami Sunday.

"Giving back to the community...that's what it's all about at Notre Dame," he said.

He's one of 300. All volunteers with Alabama and Notre Dame. They have teamed up with Roots in the City, which is a Miami based non-profit to revitalize Overtown by planting flowers, painting and building raised beds for the locals to plant and grow vegetables.

"We are all kind of together, today," Alabama fan, Glenn Ward, said. "Tomorrow will be different, but today we're friends and doing this for a good cause."

Ward and his son, Ben, are putting their vacation to good use.

"Instead of laying around on the beach...we've done enough of that," he said. "So, it's time to do something a little productive that will last for a while."

Being productive, while gettin' down and dirty. All for the purpose of passing along positive change.

"We want to not only come in and go to South Beach or to do whatever there is to do in Miami," UA Community Service Center Director, Wahnee Sherman said. "But they really want to make a difference in this community."

Doing it not for team or praise, but the hope they've made a difference.

"When you say your morning prayers and thanks-giving for the good work you've done...that's all the thanks I need," Santay said.