Alabama player quotes after win; WR Norwood "hungry for touchdowns"

Player quotes release from the University of Alabama Athletic Communications

Senior linebacker Nico Johnson on the defensive performance tonight and the shutout:

"We pride ourselves here to stop the run, and that's what we did today. We knew coming into this game that it was going to be different, but we just wanted to come in and do our best and communicate and just keep working out there and get that identity that we're trying to get after. We just came out of there and had fun today."

Junior wide receiver Kevin Norwood on Alabama's performance today:

"It was an okay game for us. We didn't play our hardest, but we made things happen as time went on. We know we have got to go back in and make corrections, and we have got to play harder for the SEC game down there at Arkansas."

On his performance:

"I mean AJ (McCarron) was looking at me, and I just had to make the plays. I've been hungry for these touchdowns for over three years now, so I had to make the plays."

Senior defensive end Damian Square on the shutout:

"The defense did well, but we have a few things we got to work on - a few things in the pass game and a few things in the run game.{} When a team wants to give the ball to the fullback, we have to get off blocks faster There's some things we have to work on all the time, to work towards perfection, that's the goal out there to be perfect on defense.{} Of course there are always some things we need to work on to get towards perfection."

On the turnovers forced this game:

"That's what we have been focused, even last year we weren't a team that forced a lot of fumbles, but we were just a dominant defense.{} That's a category we struggled in, that's a category we focus on. We have just been trying to get the ball out and make big plays so our offense can get great field position and put some points on the board.{} That's in our hands to for the offense to get great position, and at put at least 14 points on the board from us forcing fumbles and causing turnovers."