Saban, Alabama players discuss SEC Championship game against Georgia (video)

Nick Saban during his Wednesday post-practice news conference. (

No. 2 Alabama practiced indoors again on Wednesday as they continue preparations to take on No. 3 Georgia in the SEC title game. Afterwards, Nick Saban held his regular midweek news conference while AJ McCarron, Barrett Jones and Jesse Williams met with the media to talk about their showdown in Atlanta with the Bulldogs.

Below are a couple of quotes from each player during their interviews.

AJ McCarron, quarterback

On whether or not he is getting excited for the game:

"It's just another game. That's the biggest thing I think that everyone needs to just remember, don't make the game bigger than what it is. You know, it's just another Saturday."

On Georgia being a more dangerous team playing as an underdog:

"I don't know. All I worry about is us. That's all I can control, and I can't worry about what everyone else is saying and what they're doing. I just got to worry about my guys, my guys on offense, try to keep Barrett Jones in line. That's my biggest concern."

Barrett Jones, center

On Georgia's front four:

"They have a really strong front four. They have a lot of size, a lot of strength, a lot of quickness, and they play really well within their scheme. We have a big challenge, but we've been preparing hard all week. They throw a lot of different looks at you, and they're just very fundamentally sound on executing what they do, so that always makes it challenging because they don't beat themselves."

On taking a business-like approach to games:

"Well I think if you get into a rhythm of playing real emotional, that kind of sets you up for a letdown. We try not to be as much emotional, and try not to put too much into one game. A great example is the LSU game last year. People made a lot of that game and we got really emotionally caught up in the hype, if you will. I've said this a million times, and it's true every time, that when you turn on the film, it's not about they hype. It's not about any of the stuff you hear on TV. It's about how you fit blocks, how you read the defense, how you do your assignment, how you execute. That's what it will come down to on Saturday."

Jesse Williams, defensive lineman

On the hype of the game:

"I'm not sure about other players, but I don't even watch TV. But the ones that do, coach kind of keeps you on the ground with a lot of those things. We don't really buy into that sort of thing. We take every game sort of one game at a time. We take it as just another week for us. We're just going there to win, and we're going out there to beat them, and that's all we've been practicing for."

On preparing for first ever SEC Championship game:

"Definitely. It's always good to have something to play for, especially against a really good team. We still have aspirations of playing for everything so we're going out there like it's another game for us. We're going out there to dominate our opponent, and that's what we're going to try to do."