Alabama Power partners with Operation Migration to save endangered whooping cranes

Five whooping cranes fly along with an ultralight aircraft. (AP)

Alabama Power is once again partnering with Operation Migration and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in sponsoring the migration of five young whooping cranes to the eastern portion of North America.

The endangered whooping cranes, led by ultralight aircraft, landed in Walker County in the first stop of a 324-mile trek through the state of Alabama, which is just one portion of a 1,101-mile trip spanning seven states for the birds. Operation Migration is an effort to expand the population's numbers.

"Alabama Power is proud to support the efforts of Operation Migration and NFWF's Power of Flight program," said Matt Bowden, vice president of Environmental Affairs for Alabama Power. "This partnership allows us to continue to grow whooping crane populations and make these birds a more common sight in Alabama skies."

The five cranes began their Wisconsin-to-Florida journey on September 28, and are scheduled for stops in Chilton, Lowndes and Pike counties as they soar through Alabama.