Alabama ranked in Top 10 for retirement

According to new research, Alabama is the 8th best state for retirement. {} cites the state's cost of living, healthcare, crime and climate. {}

"Alabama has some of the lowest state and local taxes in the nation. Its cost of living is relatively low, especially for a Gulf Coast state. And its temperatures are among the warmest in the U.S.," writes Public Relations Manager Ted Rossman.The review says the annual average temperature is 63-degrees, which "compares favorably to the national average, which is more than 10-degrees lower;" however, the same article points to a "relatively high crime rate." {}it reports 4,026 property and violent crimes per 100,000 people. {}The national average is 3,253. {}The analysis also says "access to medical care isn't as good as the national average."You can read more HERE.