Alabama secession petition reaches level needed for White House response

A response from the White House is on the way for Alabamians who have petitioned to secede from the union. Alabama has more than 28,000 signatures, which is 3,000 more than what's required for a response.

As of now, all 50 states have at least one petition on the "We, the People" website provided by the Obama Administration. The online movement started after the re-election of President Barack Obama. Experts say, although the people are voicing their frustrations with the government, seceding is not an option, and breaking away from the union would leave states in a financial bind.

"We'd be in financial trouble. We wouldn't have to pay income taxes but we wouldn't get any federal funding back either, right now we pay less than we get back," UAB Professor Larry Powell says.

A White House spokesperson tells ABC 33/40 a response to Alabama's petition will be posted to the "We, the People" website.