Alabama Republican Party Congratulates Teen on Election

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead released the followingstatement congratulating Teenage Republican Blake Guinn upon his election tothe Gardendale City Council:

"Blake Guinn isone of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure to know and it doesn'tsurprise me that he has already accomplished so much at the young age ofnineteen.{}Blake is one of the youngestcity council members in the state and his election sends a strong message thatthe youth of this state are ready to lead.{}While Blake served as an intern for the Alabama Republican Party thispast spring, it became clear to everyone who met with and worked with him thathe was a young man of impeccable character, a true gentleman, and a strongdefender of the conservative principles that Alabamians embrace. He openlyshared his faith in Jesus Christ wherever he went and had one of the strongestworth ethics I've ever seen. It has been my pleasure to mentor and supportBlake over the last few months and I am looking forward to seeing what elsethis remarkable young man will accomplish. He is truly a rising Republican starin Alabama!"