Alabama Republicans propose legislation against ObamaCare

Republican Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard has announced three pieces of legislation, aimed at combat President Obama's healthcare act. The Religious Liberty Act (HB 108) prohibits business owners from being forced to offer insurance that provides contraceptives or abortion-inducing drugs to employees if it violates the employers' spiritual beliefs. Under The Medicaid Block Grant Compact, Alabama would join with other states seeking to bring control over the program from the federal to state government level. And, The Medicaid Fraud Reduction Act creates new, statutory, abuse-fighting safeguards in Alabama and expands the Attorney General's ability to combat exploitation.

In announcing the legislation Hubbard said, "ObamaCare is among the most offensive pieces of legislation passed by Congress in our nation's history, and our House Republican Caucus is committed to throwing roadblocks in the way of its implementation in Alabama whenever and wherever possible" Hubbard's office says The House bills will be among the first to be debated and voted on during the 2013 regular legislative session, which is scheduled to convene on Tuesday, February 5.