Alabama Sorority Recruitment numbers released

Annual recruitment for sororities at the University of Alabama has ended and African American women make up just one percent of new members. After questions about whether the University accepts blacks as new members, pledge class numbers were released. 2,054 women accepted bids to join sororities. Of those, 190 were minorities - including 21 black women.

Deborah M. Lane, associate vice president for university relations, said all pledges who identified themselves as black received a bid to join a sorority. Still, she said, "We have not reached our destination."

"Every young women identifying herself as African American received a bid," Deborah M. Lane, Associate Vice President for University Relations said. "None withdrew from recruitment or were released. All 16 of the Panhellenic sororities participating in recruitment offered bids to African American women. Through the mutual selection process, the 21 women accepted bids to 10 sororities."

"We have not reached our destination, but we will continue to move forward with resolve, energy and enthusiasm," Lane said. "And, while numbers are not the only measure of success, they do indicate that we are making progress. The University of Alabama will continue to focus on creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive campus for all students."The controversy started last year after the student newspaper reported some white sororities denied blacks membership because of race. The administration changed rules to encourage diversity.


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