Alabama State Troopers handled 731 accidents during winter storm

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama state troopers handled more than twice as many wrecks as normal during the snow and ice storm that paralyzed parts of the state last week.

Troopers released statistics Tuesday showing officers investigated a total of 731 accidents from Tuesday through Friday. Roads were either frozen over or blocked with abandoned vehicles across a wide area during those days.

Troopers on average would handle about 336 wrecks over a four-day period.

Tuesday was the worst day for wrecks, with troopers handling 249. The state police investigative 84 crashes statewide on a typical day.

The state statistics don't include accidents that were handled by city police or county sheriff's deputies.

Daily number of accidents between Jan. 28 and Jan. 31:

Tuesday, January 28: 249 crashes

Wednesday, January 29: 172 crashes

Thursday, January 30: 188 crashes

Friday, January 31: 122 crashes.

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