Alabama Strong: Jasper woman's love for animals leads to Sasha's Hope and Rescue

Life hasn't been easy for the nearly 350 stray animals Rachel Waid has rescued off the streets of central Alabama. Some of them suffer from mange, others have Parvo, and all of them have been neglected since they were born.

Like too many other strays, they were found starving on the side of the road, or in a shelter, hours away from being euthanized.

Sasha's Hope and Rescue has fostered, helped transport and place hundreds of dogs up north. Founder and Director Rachel Waid said, "We are at about 350 since February. I don't count them as officially rescued until they have a commitment out of state."

Waid has been rescuing animals most of her life. In October 2013, she moved to Jasper and saw an overwhelming amount of dogs wandering the streets. One particular dog named Sasha made her realize she had to turn her passion into something much bigger.

"Sasha lived on the side of the road and she was terrified of humans," said Waid. "Now she lives at my home and she is happy. She smiles and bounces and she lives a quality life now. That is what drives me, watching the transformations."

In February Sasha's Hope and Rescue became an official non-profit organization, which gives them the chance to help even more animals. The hard part, Waid said is finding temporary homes for all of them.

For now, many of the animals are kept in outdoor kennels at foster and vet-tech Micki McAlister's house.

"I hate seeing them out on the streets, said McAlister." I just want to take care of them and let them know that they are loved."

"I remind myself that this is the best we can do right now, said Waid." You know, my dream in the future is, to have my own facility and that is what I am working towards."

It is community support and a shared passion to help animals that makes this all possible," she said. "I would love for every single dog that we have to be inside the house learning how to socialize, with cats, kids, other dogs and acclimate to being part of a family."

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