Alabama top 10 news of 2013

A six-day bunker standoff in Midland City, which captivated the nation's attention, is Alabama's top news story of 2013.{}{} {}The Associated Press chose the hostage situation as Alabama's leading news story for the year, followed by the fatal crash of a the UPS cargo jet, flight 1354, in Birmingham.{}{} {}The University of Alabama's scandal over racial segregation in sororities and the state's gun law changes also made the Top 10.

But the hostage nail-biter that kept everyone watching on the edge of their seats topped the list without much debate. 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes stepped onto a Dale County school bus in late January and demanded children.{}{} {}The bus driver refused and Dykes killed him with a gunshot to the dead. Ultimately the situation turned fatal for Dykes. The 65-year-old man took a 5-year-old boy and held him captive for six days until FBI agents surrounded Dykes inside a bunker and killed him.

The 5-year-old hostage was returned to family without injuries.