Alabama will offer Veterans Driver's License starting May 1.

Montgomery, AL (AP) - Alabama veterans will have the option to display proof of their military service on their driver's license.{}{} {}A law sponsored by Democratic Rep. Marcel Black of Tuscumbia provided for the new Veteran Driver's License. The state Department of Public Safety says the licenses will be available beginning 1 May 2013. Rep. Black says veterans can show proof of military service to obtain benefits, rebates and accommodations.{}{} {}To get a license, a veteran must visit a Department of Public Safety license examining office and present a DD-214 form from the Department of Defense that shows a status of honorable or general under honorable conditions.{}{} {}There is no additional charge for someone to get a new license or renew their old license. But a veteran seeking the license before the renewal date must pay $18.50 for a duplicate license.