Local Alabama fans thrilled after Crimson Tide wins SEC Championship

Alabama fans are definitely celebrating following the team's 32-28 win against Georgia.

From the victory hop to an outpouring of hugs. Can you tell these Alabama fans are proud? Jason Mayfield said "It's unbelievable, I'm so thankful we won this game. it means everything to me!" It's now Alabama's 23rd SEC Championship! Erica Tolbert said "To my Georgia friends, get your rafts ready cause we drowned ya'll roll tide."

Fans remained positive, even though Alabama trailed the entire 3rd quarter. They were behind by three until 3:15 to go when they took the lead for good. On fan said, "We showed a lot of grit and determination to be able to come back."

Bama played a lot of close games this season, some even crediting the lost to Texas A & M a motivation kicker. Tolbert said "We had a few bumpy roads but in the end we showed why we're number one."

Among all the Crimson Tide fans in Buffalo Wild Wings were a few fans brave enough to support their Bulldogs. Despite the loss, Damon McRae had this to say. "I do feel pretty bad, but I feel good for the bulldogs, they played a good game."

We spoke to one Bama fan who will be going to the national championship in Miami. He was definitely hoping for a win after spending 12-hundred dollars on the ticket. But if you're still looking for a seat to the big game -- good luck. The cheapest ticket for sale online right now is $1,329.